Aashirvaad – Wheat Flour Select Atta – ஆஷிர்வாட் செலக்ட் – கோதுமை மாவு


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Aashirvaad Select is a premium quality atta made from the King of Wheat. It is 100% MP Sharbati wheat which is harvested in the Sehore region of Madhya Pradesh. Here, the golden fields are sun-kissed to perfection and showered by the right amount of rain. This is why each grain has a golden sheen and is heavier in feel.

Our experts hand-pick Sharbati wheat grains which are consistent in size and blessed with a golden sheen, that makes Aashirvaad Select Atta, truly Select. Which is why rotis made from Aashirvaad Select Atta have a delightful aroma and stay softer for longer.

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It is extremely low in fat content. Thus, it is very good even for those who have any issues with the fear of putting on weight. Dalia is very rich in fiber content. This is why it cures constipation and increases metabolism. Great source of minerals and vitamins and boosts immunity. It is slow to digest, so it keeps our tummy full for long and does not let you get hunger pangs.

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