Tapioca, (1 kg) – மரவள்ளிக்கிழங்கு


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Tapioca is a commonly available food item. One of the best snacks for winter is Tapioca. This is an annual crop. It is widely cultivated in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Tapioca is used as an industrial raw material and food. It is a drought tolerant crop for humans and livestock. Therefore, tapioca is said to be the diamond in the soil.

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High in starchy tapioca, it helps in weight gain. Boiled tapioca gives energy to the body. For some expectant mothers, tapioca is used as a medicine to prevent fetal malformations. Lowers blood sugar levels and regulates the body’s metabolism called metabolism. Increases red blood cells, regulates blood flow and dissolves toxins in the blood.


  1. Rashmi Rethi

    in jiomart online app veggies rate is very low compared to this tapioca is rs 16/kg

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