Protinex Original – புரோட்டினெக்ஸ் ஒரிஜினல் (400 gm)


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Protein is one of the most important everyday nutrients for all of us. However, due to a busy lifestyle, it gets difficult to meet our daily protein needs. Protinex is the perfect partner for you in the race of life. It has zero trans-fats and contains adequate amounts of nutrients making it an excellent addition to your diet. Every glass of Protinex adds a feeling of vigor and achievement in your life that propels you to achieve your goals.

Protinex Original is a ready to serve beverage mix that helps meet the nutrient requirements of Indian Adults. Protinex Original contains 17 essential vitamins and minerals including 8 immuno nutrients³; that support immunity, build strength, and provide energy. Protinex Original easily makes its place in your everyday diet plan, and it is suitable for daily consumption. It can be taken with milk or water.

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Protinex has Protein, Calcium, Vitamin B & Minerals like Iron that support growth & maintenance of muscle mass, strengthen bones, improve metabolism, and contribute to blood cell formation.


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