Aachi Citron Pickle – ஆச்சி நார்த்தங்காய் ஊறுகாய்


1 kg
200 gm
300 gm
500 gm
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Aachi Citron Pickle is made by using best qualities of Cut Citron pieces, Edible Vegetable Oil, Salt, Chilli Powder, Mustard powder, Spice mixes and acetic acid. This product is prepared in healthy cooking oil and quality spices.

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Use the pickle with curd rice- the perfect combination with a pickle, chapati, roti, poori.

Retain oil layer on top till the contents are over. Use dry spoon only. Keep bottle closed after use. Once opened, and then keep it in refrigerator.

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1 kg, 200 gm, 300 gm, 500 gm


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