Lifebuoy Care Soap Bar – லைஃப் பாய் கேர் சோப்


75 gm
125 gm
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Lifebuoy is a brand of soap marketed by Unilever. Lifebuoy was originally, and for much of its history, a carbolic soap containing phenol . The soaps manufactured today under the Lifebuoy brand do not contain phenol. Currently, there are many variants of Lifebuoy.

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Its advanced silver shield formula helps give 100% stronger protection against germs that cause cold, cough, flu and many other infections. Inadequate personal hygiene can lead to a number of issues like illnesses, skin infections and unpleasant odours the changing of seasons and seasons like monsoon and winter also raise the threat of flu, cough and cold.


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75 gm, 125 gm


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