Gingelly Oil – நல்லெண்ணெய்


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Sesame is one of the most widely grown cereals in the tropics of the world. Many foods are prepared and eaten using sesame seeds which are rich in many nutrients. The oil extracted from that sesame is called good oil. People all over the world use essential oils in their daily diet. There are many other medicinal benefits that can be obtained by consuming foods made with this essential oil.

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The outer skin is the shield that protects our body. Sesame oil is a type of oil that is very beneficial for the outer skin. Good oil is high in zinc. This zinc nutrient makes our skin last longer and makes the skin smoother. Removes wrinkles and blemishes on the skin due to ageing. In the summer, take a small amount of essential oil and apply it lightly on the hands to prevent skin damage from the intense heat of the sun. Good oil is an excellent food to keep the heart healthy and prevent heart attacks.


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1 lit, 2 lit, 3 lit, 4 lit, 5 lit, 500 ml


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