Aachi – Coriander Powder-ஆச்சி – கொத்தமல்லி தூள்


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These tiny seeds are magical for all your intestinal issues including bloating, gastric, diarrhea, nausea etc. It is an all in one solution for almost all digestion related issues.It contents dietary fibers and are also a good source of antioxidants.They help in producing digestive hormones, stimulates a better liver function.

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Coriander seeds are plump and brown in color, have a hollow cavity which bears essential oils that lend to the flavor of the dishes when used in cooking. They are harvested when the plant turns brown and its leaves start to dry and fall. Immature seeds are light green in color and taste quite bitter.

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1 kg, 50 gm, 100 gm, 200 gm, 500 gm


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