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Due to covid restrictions and due to the large volume of orders we were unable to accept new orders for the last few days, We were in the process of stock reconciliation and setting up a process to handle these issues permanently. We sincerely apologise for the break, we are now updating our system with the actual availability of stocks. We are very keen in providing quality products so for the next couple of days you might see limited products on our website, we will be fully operational from Jun 15th.

Why is this break and what is the change in Kumari Basket?

We were working on optimising our supply chain processes to ensure quality services, Following are few changes in the website/app now.
1. Minimum order values revised based on pincode
2. System is fully integrated with the supply chain to ensure confirmed delivery of product once the order is placed.
3. Limited products – Our backend team is still working on bringing all the products into the system, so for next few days you might see limited products in the website/app.

We are getting ready now, You can still place the orders.We Thank YOU for the support.

Kumari Basket.